How To Eat While Working Out – It’s Easier Than You Think


“Losing Weight, Getting Ripped, Transforming Your Body Has NOTHING To Do With INSANE Workouts, Extreme 90 Day Exercise Routines, Running Countless Miles, Or Killing Yourself 6 Days A Week At The Gym… It Has Everything To Do With You Learning NUTRITION, How To Start Eating Healthy, And Changing Your Diet…If This Is Done Correctly You’ll Literally Drop Pounds, Shed Unwanted Body Fat, Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible, All While Only Having To Workout Out Half As Much.”


Discover How This Laid-Back, Average 36 Year Old Guy, That Can’t Cook, Makes Eating Healthy Look Easy 



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From the kitchen of Israel Saucedo:


Every single day, someone starts a new fitness program with the hopes of transforming their body.


They sign up for membership at their local gym or get their hands on one of those very popular home workouts like P90XInsanityTurbo FireBrazil Butt Lift, or other fitness programs sold on TV infomercials.


Many workout hard. Many sweat it out. Many put in a strong effort but here is the sad truth…


The vast majority of people make little progress or get virtually ZERO results.




The simple truth is they all make a huge mistake - They Do Not Change The Way They Eat!


All Major Weight Loss… All Major Body Transformations You Ever See Happen To People… All Have One Thing In Common… 80% Of The Results They Received All Came From Those Individuals Changing Their Diet…PERIOD!


Look, I have to be completely honest with you here. You can have the single greatest workout ever designed by man, you can grind it out for 90 straight days and I can promise you one thing. You will get very little results if you do not change your diet.


You can have Tony Horton himself (creator of P90X the most successful home workout of all time) come to your house and personally train you every day and you will still get lousy results, if you do not change your diet.


Transforming your body, losing a lot of weight has more to do with how you eat rather than any single workout routine ever has. Heck, you can even get away with doing half of your workouts everyday, and still get great results, as long as you change your eating habits!


Ask anyone that has made a dramatic transformation that followed a fitness program how they did it. They will tell you that they did something that over 90% of people fail to do. What might that be? They changed their eating habits. They took the time and followed a nutrition plan or guide that came with their program!


“Many People Start Working Out With The Intention Of Transforming Their Body, BUT The Vast Majority Fail To Understand This Simple Concept…”

“That Learning How To Eat While Working Out Is
The Single Most Crucial Part Of Going…”



From This…

before and after

And From This…

Inez Before After


Take it from my first hand experience…


There is no amount of crunches…

There is no amount of weight training…


There is no amount of cardio…


There is no single workout…


There is nothing out there that will out train a poor diet. If you are starting a new workout and looking to drop some body fat then you owe it to yourself to really learn how to eat properly and maximize your results.


Besides, you’re already doing one of the hardest things for people to do. And that is…Getting Up & Working out! 


You see, the picture above is of myself before learning how to change my diet and the transformation I made after I learned.


I spent a great deal of time (years actually!) working out and being pretty active. In all of my years spent working out, the absolute best results I could achieve were in that before picture above.


It wasn’t until I finally learned how to eat correctly to go along with my workouts that I started getting real and visual results.



Part of the reason for not eating right for me was seeing just how complicated it was made out to be. I did not maximize the results from my workouts simply because I believed eating right would be just too hard to do.



It wasn’t until I discovered and finally learned… How To Eat While Working Out that I got the results I truly wanted.




And here is EXACTLY How I Did It…


Step Number 1

How To Eat While Working Out




Here is the very first thing that you need to do to start eating healthy that will help you to losing weight and start getting rid of body fat.


Are you ready? Here it is.


It is to make a clear DECISION to change the way you eat.


So, what exactly does that mean?


It means exactly that – Simply decide to start!


Sounds so easy don’t it?


Well it may not be as easy as you think. What I’m talking about here is an absolutely serious decision. Not a little “hope to follow through” decision. Not a “let’s see how it goes” type of decision.


I’m talking about a “set in stone type of decision!


When was the last time you made a real decision? Really, think about it and be honest with yourself.




What I’m talking about is a real decision. Remember when you made up your mind to go after a certain job? You said to yourself…


That’s it! I grabbing an application and filling it out. I making my resume and making sure they get it. I am going all the way with this!


How about when you asked a boyfriend/girlfriend out for the first time? Remember how you ultimately made up your mind…


I really like this person. I really want to get to know him/her even more. I am going to ask this person out no matter what!


How about when you made a definite decision to buy a particular car? Remember how that’s all you would focus on? Remember how you started to actually see more of that particular car out on the highway just from thinking about it? The reason was because you had made up your mind that it was going to get done; you were going to get that car.


This is the way you have to think about it.


I also want you to think about this, and I really hope I don’t hurt your feelings by it.


Aren’t you tired of just hoping to change? Aren’t you tired of settling for what you look like right now? Aren’t you tired of starting something and then failing to follow through on it? Aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror and wishing you could look better?


All of this can all change if you just decide to start eating healthier?


Look, I have to tell you right here and right now. For every single solitary excuse or reason that you have ever made not start eating right, there is someone out there, right now who has used that very excuse as a reason to start eating right.


So simply DECIDE.



Step Number 2

How to Eat While Working Out

Learn How Many Calories You Need To Eat



 Use This Simple Tool To Calculate Your Calorie Intake
For The Workout You Are Doing



Once you’ve decided to change your diet one of the very first things that you’re going to have to do is to figure out how many calories you need to be eating.


Whoa! What a minute! I have to do what?


I bet that’s what you’re thinking.


I know… I know this is going to sound kind of weird, especially if you have never done anything like this before.


But here’s the bottom line, learning how many calories your body requires is something that you… absolutely… without question… are going to have to do at some point in your life.


Am I telling you they have to become a calorie counter from now on?


No, not at all!


I too, believed that I could get away with not figuring out my caloric intake. I didn’t believe it was even important. Well to be quite honest with you, I thought it was pretty lame!


But as I went out and learned more about nutrition I discovered that in order for anyone to create significant weight loss it is absolutely essential to learn your caloric needs intake.


So now I strongly believe that learning your calorie needs is something that you’re going to have to do at least for a little while.


The reason you need to learn this is to begin to understand how many calories your body uses and this way you know how many calories you need to put into your body.


Let me give you a quick example of what I’m talking about.


Let’s say a person, based on their weight, height, age, and activity level, needs to be eating about 1700 calories a day. If this person on average eats about 2000 calories a day, day in and day out, guess what’s going to happen? That person is going to get fat.


Now, lets say that person that needs 1700 calories, or units of energy for their daily needs and activities, starts eating 1400 calories a day. What’s going to happen to that person? They’re gonna lose weight!  Their body will see a calorie deficiency and start using stored body fat as fuel.





Step Number 3

How To Eat While Working Out

Divide Those Calories Into 5 meals a day


Okay, now that you have figured out how many calories you need to eat throughout the day the next thing you need to do is to start training yourself to eat 4 to 5 small meals a day.


I know that you have probably heard of this before. You’ve heard it from fitness gurus, fitness trainers, and nutritionists talk about this time and time again. Well here’s the truth to all of this, they are all right! This is exactly the way that you have to start eating.


What this means is that from now on you can’t be skipping breakfast. You can’t be blowing off lunch. You can’t be coming home and gorging out on a giant dinner.


It takes some practice and some patience, but with time you can start to build a routine of it.


So let’s say that you have done your calculations for your calorie intake and you have come up showing that you need to be eating about 1400 calories a day. All you have to do is to divide up 1400 calories by 5. This will leave you with about 280 calories. What this means is that for every meal you eat throughout the day, each one of those meals has to consist of roughly 280 calories.


Simple enough don’t you think?


You can divide that up into a regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine and simply add snacks in between those three meals. You can even use a shake like this one to help you take care of one of those meals with ease!


You can also have the option of making each one of those “regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner” meals around 350 calories and two snacks in between at about 150 calories a piece which also adds up to around 1400 calories.


Either way you want to do it will work.


The main thing here is to keep putting in a steady supply of healthy food into your body to start revving up your metabolism. Eating small meals throughout the day is the best way to make that happen.


Like I mentioned earlier though, remembering and keeping track of this isn’t something that you are going to have to keep doing for the rest of your life. This is something that you should really try to focus on and do very consistently for about 2 to 3 months. The main reason I want you to do this is so that you will begin to understand how this whole calorie intake, calorie burning and eating small meals throughout the day, really changes your metabolism and your energy levels. After a while, and some practice, it will become a routine and habit.



Step Number 4

How To Eat While Working Out

Learn What Types Of Foods To Eat

What you are now going to have to focus on is eating well-balanced meals and healthier foods. The main reason for this is that, not only are they much better for you, but they also contain a lot less calories.


Once you start looking into nutritious foods you’re going to start to realize that you’re going to be eating a lot more food than you really think. So here’s a quick list of some of the foods that you are really going to have to start to focus on.


First off are lean proteins and meats – You’re going to have to start to eat things like fish and seafood. Salmon, halibut, shrimp, scallops, and things like that. Things like boneless skinless chicken breast and turkey. Try to eat lean cuts of beef like top sirloin, filet mignon and avoid some of the fatty cuts like rib eye.


You can also eat lean cuts of pork. You’ll need to eat plenty of eggs and egg whites too.


One of the main things is to focus on the proteins because this is the types of foods that keep you full and provide plenty of protein to help feed your muscles to keep them strong. For any of you ladies out there who think meats might make you fat, you can forget about that. Not only do they keep you full all the time but they contain very little calories (lean cuts remember!).


Next on the list is vegetables – You need to start to eat a lot more of things like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauli-flower, green beans, asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, dark green lettuces, spinach, Bell peppers, and any other vegetable you can think of.


I don’t care how you eat them, either by cooking them, grilling them, steaming them, baking them, eating them raw or even blending and drinking them. Just add them into your diet some way, somehow.


Next on this list is fruit You also need fruit but you have to be a little careful with it. Fruit has a lot more natural sugars to it therefore it contains more calories. For example a large banana can contain around 120 calories. A large navel orange contains about 120 calories too.


There are a lot people out there that believe eating a lot of fruit is really good for you. They are right, it is good for you. The only problem is that if you eat too much fruit it gives your body a lot of calories, and if you’re not very active, it could lead to gain excess body fat. You see, you always have to remember that its extra calories that make people fat even if the calories come from healthy foods!


Next on the list are carbohydrates – Now carbs are also foods that you need to eat. Yeah there is a lot of talk out there saying to cut out carbs from your diet. In a way I do agree with them. The problem is that it is something that cutting out carbs out of a person’s diet is something that should only be done for a little while. The truth is that you need these carbs to give you energy throughout the day, especially if you are exercising like you should be. The thing is that you need to eat complex carbohydrates so here’s a quick list of some of these.


You need to eat things like oatmeal, brown rice, beans, corn tortillas, whole wheat bread, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, and things like that.


Next on the list is diary foods- When you start to change your diet to lose weight you’ll also need to change everything you eat from the dairy group like cheeses, milk, and yogurt’s to low-fat or non-fat types.


Again, by eating the low-fat & non-fat kinds of dairy products you are putting in fewer calories into your body. For example, ¼ cup of regular cheese contains about 120 calories compared to its low-fat counterpart which contains only about 80 calories.


Next on the list are essential fats – You’ll also want to start eating almonds, avocados, healthy oils like olive oil, which you should, sprinkled on the foods you eat from time to time. The fats in those foods are great for you!  For example you can have a dark green salad with 4 ounces of grilled chicken and pour a tablespoon of olive oil instead of dressing. Foods like fish also contain these fats.


The key is to balance everything out. A quick example of a balanced dinner would be a 6 ounce piece of salmon, 2 cups of steamed broccoli, and a cup of brown rice. If you were to add the total calories and this meal it will even out to roughly 500 calories, a lot of food with very little calories.


One thing I can promise you is this. After a while of starting to understand how to eat better you’ll begin to just “eyeball” how much food you need to eat. It takes a little practice but you’ll get better at it.

Step Number 5

To Eating Healthy To Lose Weight

You Are Going To Have To Learn To Cook… (sorta)



363_2645 - Copy

Do you need to start cooking stuff up like a chef? Haha! Of course not! You’re just going to have to learn some basic stuff.


I mean…look at me… I feel like a buffoon in the kitchen sometimes but I manage to put together some pretty tasty meals all by myself! I actually hate to do it sometimes, but I know that I have to do it.


Here is something I always try to remember and I want you to start thinking about…256_1520 - Copy


You can’t be like everyone else and expect to look different.  You can’t be like everyone else and expect to have great muscle definition. You can’t be like everyone else and eat packaged or fast foods. This is what will separate you from everyone else.


And for those of you who don’t think they can cook I say BALONY! (Pun intended!)


We live in an age where never in the history of mankind has there been SO MUCH available information at our finger tips! You can find and learn how to prepare all sorts of healthy meals with incredible ease on the internet! Use it! Take advantage of it. I even do it myself by preparing foods online for people to see.


Here are some examples you can click on to check out -


Healthy Omelet Recipe     Lightning Fast Steak Dinner     Healthy Buger


The biggest tip I can give about cooking and preparing foods is this…


Always try to prepare ahead of time!


To make sure that you eat breakfast every morning, start getting up 20 to 30 minutes earlier. You may not like doing that (and don’t worry I still don’t sometimes!) but it’s something that you’re going to have to start getting used to.


Prepare your lunches before you head off to work. Grill up your meats ahead of time to also have them ready for the week or a few days ahead. Buy your groceries ahead of time whenever you can. The main thing here is to always be thinking ahead…always have in mind what you are planning on eating next.


This also takes a little practice and some patience but I got to tell you, from one person to another, that this is something you must do! I wish someone would have come along and smack me behind the head and told me this YEARS ago.


Being prepared and always thinking ahead about what you are going to eat is something that EVERY person that is in gotten amazing shape has always learned how to do.


You can help yourself and make things just a little bit easier with the very popular shake from Beachbody called Shakeology. It really does help and I have been drinking for 3 years as one of my 5 meals a day. Click on the link below if you’d like to lean more!